January 2020

Site progress:

  1. Structure – Building A – level 6 complete, L7 commenced.

Building B/C level 6 complete and L7 25% complete

  1. Building B partitions framing to L2 apartments complete

Building A partitions framing to L1 apartments complete

  1. Window frames complete to LG and townhouses. Windows 90% complete to L1 building A/C, 50% complete to building B L2

According to the Project Control Report, estimated completion period will be in October.






  1. A楼第七层开始施工。
  2. B楼二层/A楼1层开始框架安装

3.联排别墅窗户完成安装。 A楼一层90%窗户完成安装,B楼二层50%窗户完成安装。



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