Site progress:

  1. Structure – Building A – level 7 complete (topped out).

Building B/C level 8 complete and L9 commenced framing.

  1. Building A partitions framing to L2 apartments complete, L3 commenced.

Building B partitions framing to L3 apartments complete, L4 commenced.

  1. Window frames complete to LG and townhouses, completeto L2 and L3.


According to the Project Control Report, estimated completion period will be in October.




根据建筑商提供的施工进度报告,到2020年二月底项目进展顺利, 预计完成时间为十月份。

  1. A楼第七层混凝土结构浇筑完成;B/C楼第八层结构浇筑完成,第九层开始施工。
  2. B楼三层/A楼二层开始框架安装



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