Aqua Square

Entertainment Commercial Complex


No.1 Jiankang Road, Nanjing, China







Commercial Crowd Pleaser

Aqua Square is a commercial complex with combination of shopping, entertainment, catering that locating near Confucious Temple area. This complex targets at stylish youth with 20-35 years old as well as 45 million tourists per year, which is a surprising and attractive place to visit. It contains exciting, evocative and world-known retails, catering and entertaining brands.


There are 8 floors above ground and 3 underground floors in Aqua Square commercial complex, with 12-floor business commercial hotel of 240 rooms. Water views are imbedded between main buildings, which are different from traditional cube commercial facilities. The shops along the side corridors create an atmosphere of walking on the roads for the consumers. The aqueous system in the commercial facilities connects P1 and P2 while performance stage is set in the center of P1. There are performance during the whole year, which provide a wonderful feel for consumers in the Aqua Square.