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Tangshan Hot Spring


Chewing Yew Kuan
Trevor Hiller


Chewing Yew Kuan
Trevor Hiller



The Ultimate Holiday Destination

Bali Villa locates at the famous tourist attraction-Tangshan Hot Spring, with surrounding hills that last for 11 kilometers. The natural and elegant view makes this place the best choice for eco villa. The Tangshan Hot Spring has also been named as “The best hot spring in China”. The villas that designed by the world-famous architects Cheong Yewkuan and Trevor Hiller lie around the forest with altitude ranges from 70 to 100 m. Each villa has its own private garden with the largest area of 1000 meter squares and is designed in the Bali stylish. There is a Bali central park with more than 20 MU that provides an exotic charm to the owners. The hot spring that extracted from 280 m below the surface is pumped into every villa. There is also a spa center which has the top-level spa service for the consumers.